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Ebean ORM v1.0.0 Released - Adds Declarative @Transactional Support

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Ebean ORM v1.0.0 Released - Adds Declarative @Transactional Support

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Ebean v1.0.0 introduces support for declarative transactions via a @Transactional annotation. This means you can add the @Transactional annotation to a method and Ebean enhancement will add the transactional support (transaction begin, commit, rollback, suspend & resume etc).

The transaction progagation types  of REQUIRED, REQUIRES_NEW, MANDATORY etc are supported as well as transaction isolation level and explicit rollback control for specific exception types.

For an introduction on declarative transactions in Ebean go to: http://www.avaje.org/ebean/introtrans_transactional.html

For an general introduction to Ebean go to: http://www.avaje.org/ebean/introduction.html

Ebean is a LGPL licensed Java ORM. It uses JPA annotations for mapping (@Entity, @Table, @OneToMany etc) but uses a "sessionless" API (no attached/detached beans with associated merge() flush() etc). It also has "Partial Object" support for any node in the object graph and automatic query tuning via "Autofetch".

 Enjoy, Rob.


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