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Ebean ORM v2.0.1 Released with DDL Generation, PropertyChangeSupport, Improved Programmatic Configuration

Ebean ORM Version 2.0.1 has been released.

 The main additions for this version include:

  • DDL Generation
  • PropertyChangeSupport for enhanced entity beans
  • Refactoring of programmatic configuration via ServerConfig
  • Add query.findRowCount();

The PropertyChangeSupport means that you can register PropertyChangeListeners on enhanced entity beans. This is especially useful for binding with Swing / SWT applications.

Ebean ORM is a Java persistence layer:

- At

- LGPL License

- Uses JPA Annotations for mapping (@Entity, @OneToMany etc)

- Sessionless API - no merge, flush etc but instead save() delete()

- Supports Automatic query tuning via Autofetch


Introduction to Ebean:


Download Ebean:


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