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Eclipse 4 Plug-in Development by Example

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Just as I was moving onto a new stage in my career, Eclipse 4 was becoming the new default in the Eclipse community. It brought about a new, cleaner way of building plugins. Having never had the chance to look at this in real detail, Alex Blewitt's latest book, Eclipse 4 Plug-in Development by Example  was a welcome addition to my bookshelf.

The book starts with a simple chapter on how to write your first plug-in. Following through on this chapter will get you (re-) acquainted with the Eclipse environment. From there, Alex brings you through creating SWT Views and JFace Viewers. You'll see how to deal with resources and avoid memory leaks in this chapter: one of the most essential points for any UI developer. 

I found the chapter on understanding the Eclipse 4 model particularly useful, especially for those coming from the 3.x world. In a world where TDD and continuous integration is seen as crucial in any profession environment, the chapters on automated testing and automated builds are excellent. 

Although the book has 'beginners guide' in the subtitle, any developer who is building on Eclipse should consider purchasing this book. It will get you back up to date on how to deal with the latest release, and reviewing some of the things you already know never hurts. 

The book is in an ideal format for someone new to Eclipse. If I was starting up a new team of developers building RCP products, I would have them all read this book.

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