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Eclipse-Based CodePro Profiler Offers New Version With Flexible Pricing Model

Launched by Instantiations in 2007, CodePro Profiler™ was the first enterprise-ready performance analysis tool designed specifically for the Eclipse platform. CodePro Profiler’s automation helps Java Eclipse developers efficiently identify performance issues early in the development cycle. It’s a run-time performance analysis tool that helps find CPU and algorithmic bottlenecks, memory leaks, threading issues, and other concurrency-related problems that can slow down an application or cause it to hang.


CodePro Profiler is now available with flexible subscription-based pricing — to better fit the way you work, with one-month and one-year subscriptions available, starting at $39, including support. Perpetual licenses are also available. Deployed on each developer’s desktop or integrated in the build process and/or web/application server, CodePro Profiler provides highly accurate profiling with nearly zero overhead. For Eclipse, MyEclipse™, and IBM Rational® development. Try CodePro Profiler today free: http://www.instantiations.com/codepro/profiler/download-trial.html.



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