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Eclipse Community Awards Finalists

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The voting for Eclipse Community Award finalists ended on February 26th and now the finalists have been announced.  DZone's own James Sugrue has made it into the Finalist category along with the other three nominees for "Top Contributor".  

Eclipse describes a "Top Contributor" as "The individual who best exemplifies support for the Eclipse community through forums, submission of patches, comments on bugs, tutorials, conference presentations, blogs, IRC and other areas. Contributors are the individuals that participate due to their passion for the community and technology. Typically, they are not paid for their Eclipse contributions."  James was nominated for his work on evangelizing Eclipse on the EclipseZone, Javalobby, and DZone at-large.

The DZone staff thanks all the members of the community who voted for James while voting was open.  Here is the complete list of all the finalists in the Eclipse Community Awards:

Individual Award Finalists

Top Committer

    •    Boris Bokowski
    •    Markus Schorn
    •    Eike Stepper

Top Contributor

    •    Matt Hall   
    •    Laurens Holst
    •    James Sugrue
    •    Lars Vogel

Top Newcomer Evangelist
    •    Russell Bateman
    •    Walter Harley
    •    Lars Vogel

Project Award Finalists

Most Innovative New Feature or Eclipse Project ("Shiny New Toy Award")

    •    EclipseLink
    •    Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) Cocoa Port
    •    Textual Modeling Framework (TMF) Xtext

Most Open Project

    •    e4
    •    Equinox p2
    •    Mylyn
    •    XML Tools in Web Tools Platform (WTP) Incubator

Technology Award Finalists

Best Commerical Developer Tool

    •    BIRT Mashboard Application
    •    GUIdancer
    •    Zend Studio 7

Best Open Source Developer Tool

    •    There is 1 winner in this category with no additional finalists.  Will be revealed at EclipseCon.

Best EclipseRT Application

    •    BIRT iServer Enterprise
    •    SpringSource dm Server

Best RCP Application

    •    Bioclipse
    •    PosterGenius
    •    Tasktop ProEclipse Community Awards Finalists

The Java Zone is presented by Hazelcast.  Learn more about Hazelcast on Azure and the best practices for seamless deployment of Hazelcast on Azure Virtual Machines.


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