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Eclipse Community Awards - Have You Nominated?

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Eclipse Community Awards - Have You Nominated?

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This year's Eclipse Community Awards will be presented at EclipseCon 2008 on March 23rd. If you still haven't had time to nominate someone you think is deserving of an award, now is the time - the deadline is this Friday, January 30. Before we hit the deadline, here is a summary of what's going on so far with the individual nominations.

There are three different individual categories that you can vote on:

  • Nominations for Top Ambassador Award
    Recognizes an individual (committer or non-committer) who best promotes and supports the Eclipse community. 

    People currently in the running for this award include Nick Boldt, Chris Aniszczyk, and Tom Schindl. All deserve to be on the list, working hard to promote Eclipse through their blogs, articles and presentations. If you have someone else in mind, nominate.
  • Nominations for Top Committer Award 
    Recognizes an Eclipse committer who best exemplifies support for the community through newsgroups, Bugzilla, white papers, conference presentations, blogs and other forums.

    This award has already got quite a few nominations, but there's always room for more. The shortlist so far includes Paul Webster, Jason Weathersby from the BIRT project, David Williams, Martin Oberhuber and Thomas Watson. You know what to do if you're Top Committer isn't on the list!
  • Nominations for Top Contributor Award
    Recognizes an Eclipse contributor who best exemplifies support for the community through submission of patches & comments on bugs, posts to newsgroups, creation of white papers, presentations at conferences, blogs, IRC and other forums. Top contributors make their contributions due to their passion for making Eclipse a better community. In general, no one is paying them for the time they spend on making their Eclipse contributions.

    Last in the individual nominations is the Top Contributor award. Here we have Dave Carver, Benjamin Cabe, Miles Parker, Frank Becker and, in his second nomination, Tom Shindl.

Once the nominations have been made, voting will open throughout the month of February.


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