Eclipse Freshman Project #8: Riena

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Eclipse Freshman Project #8: Riena

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Riena is number 8 in my series of project that are new to the release train.  Christian Campo is the Riena project leader.

What does your project do?

Riena is a platform for developing multi-tier rich client applications based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) and Equinox.  Core to Riena is an OSGi-based Remote Services component that allows developers to easily create distributed client/server applications.  Furthermore Riena provides an enhanced navigation concept for business applications with a focus on end-user usability.

Riena is also part of the EclipseRT top level project which brings various runtime related efforts and technologies at Eclipse together.

Who are your typical users

Typical users of Riena are companies which are interested in realizing complex enterprise applications and by doing so, attach great importance to a high usability of their applications.

Why did you join the Galileo release train?

We’ve joined the Galileo release train to provide users and adopters of Riena a release which is coordinated with the 32 other Eclipse projects of Galileo. This will make it even simpler to use Riena with other major Eclipse projects as it is today.

Furthermore we’re participating in the Galileo release train in order to help to illustrate the ongoing improvement of the EclipseRT project providing an integrated, modular runtime platform for business applications.

After completing your first release train, what do you think now?

We’re proud to be part of the largest ever Eclipse release. This Riena release does not only include many new components, Eclipse users and adopters were looking forward to, but most important, has been coordinated with all other Eclipse projects of Galileo, and was ready for download at the scheduled.release date.

What future enhancements are you planning for your project?

The forthcoming releases of Riena are going to focus on a higher flexibility and on additional advancements of the proven UI-concept. These will include additional UI-features like full keyboard control over all UI elements, a number of improvements for detached view as well as a support of custom UI-components in the navigation like “calendar” and others. Furthermore the Remote Service capabilities of Riena will be expanded by adding data compression, server ticks, push notification and a major performance improvement for processing large result sets.

That ends my series of new projects in Galileo.  I didn’t have a chance to catch up with the leaders of Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) and the Memory Analyzer project.  Both projects are growing great communities of users and adopters.  You should check them out.


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