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Eclipse Galileo - A Quick Glance

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  "I think there is a world market of maybe 5 computers" - Thomas Watson, Chairman of IBM, 1943. Today computers are ruling the world. Whoever opted out of open source projects, wait for the 24th of June, 2009. Around 50 projects are rolling out under the umbrella of Eclipse Galileo. Yes - you read it correctly - there's a half a century of projects on the release train waiting for the users to roll on.

Most of the tools required from the inception to the delivery of software projects are included. You can draw UML diagrams, you can generate code, you can create workflows, you can generate parsers and models with a few lines of grammar. And all these are totally free.

Lets have a quick glance of some of the new projects offered in Galileo

TMF Xtext

Using Xtext you can generate your own text editor for your domain specific language. You can provide all the cool features like content assist, syntax coloring, outline view etc.

You do not need to spend late nights to write your own parser again. You do not need to design your own model. Xtext will generate a parser and model for you. What you need to do is to tell Xtext what it should do for you using a set of grammar files.

For more information you can check at http://xtext.org/

PHP Development Tools (PDT)

This is one of the main attractions of Galileo release - an IDE for the development of PHP projects. The existing features of WTP (web tools platform) and DLTK (Dynamic languages toolkit) are leveraged to develop a great IDE for the PHP developers.

Rush to http://www.eclipse.org/pdt/ to catch up with the show.

Accessibility Tools Framework (ACTF)

ACTF is a framework that will help developers to create functionalities which will enhance the accessibility of applications and content for people with disability.

You can find more details at http://www.eclipse.org/actf/

Eclipse Persistence Services Project (EclipseLink)

EclipseLink is a comprehensive open source persistence solution. EclipseLink has evolved from Oracle's TopLink product. This project brings around 12 years of commercial experience from Oracle's developers to the opensource community.

The EclipseLink services include Object-Relational with EclipseLink JPA, Object-XML Binding with EclipseLink MOXy, Service Data Objects with EclipseLink SDO and Web Services for RDBMS with EclipseLink DBWS.

For more details, please goto http://eclipse.org/eclipselink/

Java Workflow Tooling (JWT)

JWT helps you to build your own workflows for your requirement, design and development time needs.
You can find the snapshots and more details at http://www.eclipse.org/jwt/

EMFT > MWE (Modeling Workflow Engine )

With MWE you can describe and execute workflows.The MWE is an extensible framework for the integration and orchestration of model processing workflows.

Check http://wiki.eclipse.org/Modeling_Workflow_Engine_(MWE) for more details.

Memory Analyzer ( MAT)

Now you can find memory leaks and unnecessary memory consumption of your Java projects using MAT. You can create reports to analyse the memory leak suspects.

Goto http://www.eclipse.org/mat/ to find more details.


Acceleo is part of the EMF 'Model to Text' projects. Based on the philosophy of MDA, it helps to generate code from your model.

Check http://wiki.eclipse.org/Acceleo


One more candidate from EMF 'Model To Text' projects. The aim of this project is ... you guessed it. This is a language that is used for code generation based on EMF models.

You can find the details at http://wiki.eclipse.org/Xpand

To see the other existing M2T (Model to text) projects you can check http://www.eclipse.org/modeling/m2t/


This is a platform for building multi-tier enterprise applications based on the RCP (Rich Client Platform). Riena broadens the usage of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) of OSGi/Equinox technology.

Riena user interface components will support a business process oriented user interface for visualization and navigation needs.

For more details, http://www.eclipse.org/riena/


SwordFish is an extensible SOA framework based on Eclipse Equinox technology.
You can find more details at http://www.eclipse.org/swordfish/learn/learn.php

What we see here is just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots and lots of features in all the existing Eclipse projects which are running for the last couple or more years.

You can find the details of the other Galileo projects at http://wiki.eclipse.org/Galileo#Projects



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