Eclipse: Lean Spoilage in Helios

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Eclipse: Lean Spoilage in Helios

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I am generally pretty happy with Helios. It‘s pretty fast. It doesn‘t blow up. There are still issues with m2 that I end up resolving by removing dependency management then reenabling it, but on the whole, things are working.

I mentioned a few posts ago that Glassfish has a very fast publish cycle. This is great. But today I started getting impatient with having to go to the Servers view to trigger the publish. I knew there was a keybinding, so I started trying to use that. Problem is, you have to be in the servers window!!! :O Um, what is the bloody point, Guys?

I tried changing the mapping to In Windows, that just produces an error that there is no server selected.

I was going to say that Xcode has the whole cycle covered from the keyboard, and that is largely true, but Xcode has its own inanity when it comes to the core VSM map: the output console has to be opened after every run (probably even more insane than this).

I would love to see members of the eclipse team put up 1–2h screencasts of them working inside their own environment. Let‘s go beyond eat your own dog food to let us watch you chomp your kibble.


From http://www.jroller.com/robwilliams/entry/eclipse_lean_spoilage_in_helios


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