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Eclipse RCP Case Studies

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Eclipse RCP Case Studies

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Many of us in the developer and technology community know the Eclipse as a Platform. On the other side, its interesting to see the business users and the corporate perspective on Eclipse. Many are still not aware of the fact that Eclipse be entirely stripped to make a great RCP. The power of RCP and thin client has is just beginning to be realised by businesses.

Software development department's may have been using Eclipse as Java IDE for years and years without being aware of the RCP features. This was a mighty task in few of the companies that i have consulted with. Its very important to make IT departments  understand the RCP's power and Eclipse's flexibility - then they can imagine the business value. I am sure many of us have been in the situations where it's necessary to quickly produce prototypes in a specific domain of the business (e.g. for verticals like Banking, Insurance, Retail, Automotive).

Recently i have discovered a cool link, which would showcase the power of RCP. This would help technical implementors and architects to look at the existing applications as examples. Thanks to Ed and Chris for pointing this link to me.


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