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Eclipse Search - Now With an Eclipse Plugin!

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Searching for Eclipse related material in Google is a painful task. It shows up lots of irrelevant results. With Eclipse Search, this was pretty much eliminated. It searches only our Eclipse related sites and provides relevant results. The results are even categorized into Blogs, Source, etc. To make things simple, I added a search plugin for the browsers. This helps to search help right from your search box of your browser. Still this has one problem - you need a browser to search. You need to copy & paste the class/method name from your Eclipse to Browser and start searching. Switch back to Eclipse and resume the work. Now this can be simplified by a search plugin for Eclipse.

Eclipse Search


When you open Search Page, you can see an Eclipse Search tab there. You don't even need to copy a text for searching - just a selection would do. The plug-in takes the current selection as the initial input. You can select the labels you want to search for and hit Enter. You get the results right there inside Eclipse itself:

Eclipse Search - Results


The recent searches are available in the History Menu:

Eclipse Search - History


And in case want to switch to a browser from the current results:

Eclipse Search - New Browser


Me and few of my team mates are using it regularly and find it very handy. Download and try it yourself.


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