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This past week I had the opportunity to interview both keynote speakers for the upcoming Eclipse Summit Europe conference.  My goal was to find out a bit more about their upcoming presentations.  The interviews are now available as podcasts on Eclipse Live.

Don Syme works at MS Research in Cambridge, UK and is the creator of F#.   During our discussion Don talks about why functional programming languages are important and the role they are playing in the Web 2.0 era.   It is obvious Don has a big-brain in the area of computer languages, so it should be an interesting geek-out keynote.

Tony Bailetti is a professor at Carleton University here in Ottawa.   I’ve know Tony since I went to school at Carleton and his passion for the commercialization of technology is infectious.  In the podcast, Tony talks about the origins of the Open Source Maturity Model, something we use a lot at the Eclipse Foundation, and the importance of ecosystems.

I’m looking forward to both keynotes.  Both speakers are experts in their areas and passionate about their topcis.  Should be good…

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