EclipseCon 2009 Day Three Roundup

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EclipseCon 2009 Day Three Roundup

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Day three kicked off with the "Building Applications for the Cloud with Amazon" keynote. As you'd expect, this was the most attended talk of the day. Ian Skerrett wrote a little about the talk and about Amazon's release of the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse. Kevin McGuire has also commented on how AWS rocks

Ed Merk's talk, The Unbearable Stupidity of Modelling was the most attended "normal" talk of the day. This was delivered by Peter Freise of itemis. Ed wasn't able to attend but was able to participate in the Q&A session using webcams. Sven at itemis has made his slides available from his talks on xText from Tuesday on his blog.

Slides of talks given over the day that are already available include Tonny Madsen's talk on UI Bindings.  Martin Lippert, Chris Aniszczyk and Bernd Kold gave a great talk on OSGi for Eclipse Developers .Doug Schaefer also made his slides on his talk on the Rise and Fall and Rise of CDT available. 

Ian Skerrett has also interviewed some of the community award winners. More roundups of previous days at EclipseCon are available now, including Suresh's blog entry about Day 1 and 2, and Arun Gupta (GlassFish evangalist) for day 3. 

Finally, Oisin Hurley has put together an interesting point his opinions about EclipseCon talks. Some good tips in there.

Ok, so you have a topic thats intrinsic novelty has not put you at a disadvantage. Hypothetical example, Editing Tools for SmoochML Documents. The first mistake to make would be to say “First I will introduce the SmoochML standard”. Dude, if I didn’t know what it was, I wouldn’t be in your talk. You are a developer, so I understand your need to do obsessive corner-case coverage, but, you know, you’re actually off-topic. And then you might complain that you are running out of time at the end. Sympathy, I know thee not.





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