EclipseCon 2010 Report: Community Awards, Virgo, Gemini, and Pulsar

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EclipseCon 2010 Report: Community Awards, Virgo, Gemini, and Pulsar

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There was a lot of news and discussion around several Eclipse projects yesterday and more news today.  Panelists at the conference discussed Eclipse's Virgo, Gemini, and Pulsar projects.  Project Virgo and Gemini are OSGi-based projects, while Pulsar is a project aimed at addressing the fragmentation of mobile application development.  The panel leaders tried to revitalize waning support for this project.  Along with these discussions, the winners of the Eclipse Community Awards were announced.  Here are the results!

EclipseCon 2010 Community Awards

Top Committer:  Eike Stepper - Eclipse committer since 2004
Finalists:  Boris Bokowski and Markus Schorn

Top Contributor:  Lars Vogel - Product Manager at SAP and author of the "Eclipse Papercuts" blog
Finalists:  Matt Hall, Laurens Holst and James Sugrue (DZone's Eclipse Zone Leader)

Top Newcomer Evangelist:  Walter Harley - Answered the most questions on eclipse.newcomer newsgroup
Finalists:  Russell Bateman and Lars Vogel

Most Open Project:  Eclipse 4 (e4) - The next generation of the Eclipse platform
Finalists:  Equinox p2, Mylyn, and XML Tools in Web Tools Platform (WTP) Incubator

Most Innovative New Features or Eclipse Project:  Textual Modeling Framework (TMF) Xtext - A framework for development of programming languages and domain specific languages (DSLs)
Finalists:  EclipseLink and Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) Cocoa Port

Best Commercial Developer Tool:  Bredex GUIdancer - A powerful Eclipse-based tool for the automated functional testing of GUIs
Finalists:  Actuate BIRT Mashboard Application, and Zend Studio 7

Best Open Source Developer Tool: 
Groovy-Eclipse plugin - Provides Eclipse-based tooling support for Groovy
No Finalists

Best EclipseRT Application:
  SpringSource dm Server - A module-based (OSGi) Java application server
Finalist:  Actuate BIRT iServer Enterprise

Best RCP Application:  Tasktop Pro - A commercial distribution of Mylyn with added productivity features
Finalists:  Bioclipse and PosterGenius

Virgo, Gemini, and Pulsar

A panel on the Pulsar project at EclipseCon included leaders from Motorola, Nokia, RIM, and Sony Ericcson.  The Pulsar project began over a year ago to provide a standard platform for mobile development across various devices.  Pulsar, along with the Eclipse Sequoyah mobile tools project, has experienced waning interest.  Most panelists believe that Pulsar's perception primarily as a Java platform is preventing greater adoption.

Pulsar, however, has a wider focus than just Java.  Project leaders hope to promote this fact and the possibilities provided by a platform that can help developers build apps that work on more than one phone.  Some panelists said that vendors would need to work together and provide value beyond the tooling that is offered by Google, for example, when developing an Android application.  

Also at EclipseCon, the Eclipse Foundation announced the upcoming acceptance of Project Virgo and Project Gemini into the EclipseRT, which is now in the legal stages.  Both projects involve OSGi technologies.  Project Virgo is the renamed Spring dm server, which was donated to the Eclipse foundation earlier this year.  Spring's Dynamic Module server was the testbed from which the OSGi Blueprint specification emerged.  The dm server should fit right in at Eclipse since the runtime is based on the Eclipse Equinox runtime and OSGi.  SpringSource will be the lead organization in the Virgo project.  

Oracle will lead the Gemini project, which is intended to provide reference implementations for OSGi Alliance Enterprise standards.  Enterprises will be able to use Gemini as it is needed and it will feature a number of subprojects under the Apache and Eclipse licenses.  SpringSource is involved with the Gemini project as well.  

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