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If my math skills are up to scratch (and I’m pretty confident they are), we have 72 slots for “birds of a feather” (BoF) sessions at EclipseCon this year. Realistically, we’ll probably lose a few of those slots as we get closer to the big event.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, we’re accepting/scheduling BoFs in phases.

In the first phase, Eclipse project BoFs will be scheduled. When you submit your Eclipse project BoF proposal, please either (a) make the title very clear, (b) put something in the description that states “this is the official BoF for the Super-Deluxe GL6000 project”, or (c) add a comment that indicates the officialness of the BoF. Only one proposal per project will be accepted in this first phase. For completeness, the OSGi DevCon 2009 BoF is considered a “project BoF”.

We intend to wrap up phase one on February 16th.

In the second phase, other proposals will be accepted and scheduled.

After that, we’ll keep accepting proposals until we run out of room.

So… get your BoF session proposals in. Register for EclipseCon 2009. Book your hotel and flights. Start advertising your session.

Please indicate—in comments attached to your proposal—any constraints that we need to consider when scheduling. Do you anticipate needing a very large room, or just a small one? Is there a session (talk/tutorial) that we should schedule the BoF before/after? That sort of thing… We’ll do our best.

As I’ve stated before, we’re accepting BoFs in priority order. You should be aware that there will be no projection/presentation technology in the BoF rooms. Further, food and beverages cannot be served in the BoF room as this will get us (”us” includes “you”) in trouble with either (a) the venue, (b) the law, or (c) some combination. If you want food and drink in your session, you really need to talk to Donald to arrange a reception…

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