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Eclipse's Ian Skerrett on Open Source and the Internet of Things

A video from O'Reilly's SOLID conference on the multiple standards and consortiums in the open source IoT world.

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In this video from O'Reilly's SOLID conference, Ian Skerrett from the Eclipse Foundation answers a few questions about the standards and consortiums around IoT. His thoughts include:

  • How to understand the use cases of all the different consortiums and how they're segmented.

  • Openness, availability, and adoption as key measures of values with the different consortiums. These are importance because of Eclipse's belief in the power of open source developers and technology, the ease of access, and whether people care enough to use it. 

    • Based on those criteria, some of the established organizations like ZigBee fail on the openness test. However, Skerrett considers AllSeen and ITF to be great solutions. 

  • How manufacturers need to address during this period when there are so many "standards" out there. Basically it boils down to the use case of each device and what is being accomplished. 

  • The lessons IoT consortiums can learn from past open source projects and movements, and what they need in order to survive. 

You can check out the full video below: 

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