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eCSSential - Making Responsive CSS Load The Way It Should

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eCSSential - Making Responsive CSS Load The Way It Should

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eCSSential is a JavaScript utility that is designed to make browsers download files in a faster, more responsible manner than they do by default.

Technically speaking, it is a tiny bit of JavaScript that when placed in the head of a page, determines which of your stylesheets should be loaded immediately and block page rendering (any stylesheets intended for mobile-first breakpoints that currently apply), which stylesheets should be deferred to load asynchronously (any stylesheets intended for breakpoints that don't currently apply to the current viewport size, but could apply later, given the device's screen size), and which stylesheets should never be loaded at all (any stylesheets intended for viewport dimensions that are larger than the device's screen).

Once sorted, the essential (or eCSSential if you will) files are loaded in a way that ensures page rendering will be blocked until they're ready. The other less-essential files are loaded in a non-blocking way, letting the page render while they are fetched.

In one further improvement to browsers' default loading behavior, stylesheets that are loaded in a blocking manner are given 8 seconds (by default) to load before they are refetched asynchonously, allowing the page to appear and be used.

Requirements: None
Demohttps:/ / github. com/ scottjehl/ eCSSential#check-out-the-demos
License: MIT License or GPL

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