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Effective Motivational Tips for Managers

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Effective Motivational Tips for Managers

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Employees need to be motivated if you want to improve your business. Employee motivation isn’t rocket science; with some simple ideas and methods any manager can grow a motivated team.

Motivation is Different for Everyone

Many managers create motivational initiatives and programs that are the same for everyone, but this won’t work for the entire team. Often the ideas are based on what the manger is motivated by and it doesn’t consider the individuals. What motivates you or your sales manager may have no impact on anyone else, so it’s not going to work. Work hard to understand what motivates each employee so you’re able to create a plan that will maximise the effectiveness of their work.

Money isn’t the Only Motivator

You can’t expect money to push everyone on in the right direction. Although it’s a popular motivational method you may find individuals looking for promotions for self-growth, time off or even training opportunities. Find out what your employees consider to be important and where they see themselves in five years’ time, and then come up with initiatives that will help them to satisfy their own personal goals.

Avoid the Use of Fear

Putting fear in your employees isn’t going to work, not in the long run. By using pressure and force you only alienate your team against you rather than encouraging them to care about the company. Your aim should be to build trust and respect in your employees, that way they’ll be working with you to the end goal rather than against you.

You should also stay away from negativity as much as possible, focusing mainly on the positives. If you focus too much on the negatives your employees will feel demotivated and begin to lack confidence. There will always be negatives, just try and discuss the problems in a positive manner. If an employee is struggling with their time keeping or are unable to complete a job look at ways to solve the problem by offering new tools or training, give them an opportunity to grow with your support.

Reward Hard Work

Show your employees that all hard work is appreciated and valued within the company. You can do this in a variety of ways, for example you could:

  • Pick an employee of the month

  • Name and reward those who have achieved goals in meetings, newsletters and on your social media profiles

  • Design unique awards with 1st place 4 trophies and hold award ceremonies each year

  • Organise trips out to thank your team players for their efforts

Hold regular reviews with each employee to check their progress and discuss any ideas they have or concerns. Use these meetings to spot any areas that the employee needs assistance with and be open to trying out any new methods they may bring to the table. By doing so you get the most out of each person while showing them that you’re an employee who is willing to work together to solve problems. Each individual will feel appreciated and secure, knowing they’re not alone.

The author is a motivational speaker and a writer specialising in people management and HR. He has spent the last three years writing eBooks and articles, which can be of great benefit to business owners in all industries. His written work has been published on many websites and blogs online.


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