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Ehcache 2.1 Gets Support for All Hibernate Strategies

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Ehcache 2.1 Gets Support for All Hibernate Strategies

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It's been one month since Terracotta announced the Ehcache 2.1 beta, and now the GA release is here.  The open source company's release schedule has been 'pedal to the metal' since the Ehcache and Quartz acquisitions late last year.  Today's release solidifies several features in Ehcache 2.0 that still had a few things left to add.  JTA (Java Transactional API) support, for example, has been enhanced, and a new enterprise-grade monitoring plugin is now available.

Expanded JTA Support
A major new feature in Ehcache 2.1 is the significant improvement to the JTA support, which enhances transactional support for Hibernate.  JTA support has now been added for standalone Ehcache and for Hibernate.  As a result, Ehcache now supports all Hibernate strategies. 

'Enterprisey' Monitor
The new plugin monitor gives you real-time visibility into several crucial caching metrics, allowing you to tune caches for optimal performance.  This plugin is also independent of the 2.1 release.  It is backwards compatible with previous editions of Ehcache and no code changes are required.

The ehcache-nonstopcache and ehcache-unclockedreadsview APIs enable plenty  of the cache-tuning functionality.  ehcache-unclockedreadsview exposes an unlocked view of a coherent cache while ehcache-nonstopcache enables fine-grained control over Cache Operations timeouts and configurable actions on offline events (i.e. cluster disconnection).  Another emerging API gives explicit locking control for standalone Ehcache and Terracotta.

Terracotta Architecture

Configurable SLA
Service Level Agreement parameters can also be configured for high performance and availability.  Ehcache now ensures that applications can appropriately respond to meet predetermined SLAs.  These parameters enable custom handling of common operational issues such as disk failures, code deadlocks, network and database slowdowns and outages.

Extended WAS Support
Users of IBM's WebSphere Application Server can now take advantage of more features in Ehcache than before.  WAS users will also find that Terracotta Web Sessions, a fully coherent web session clustering solution, is now available to them as well.  Terracotta Web Sessions was already available for Weblogic, Tomcat, Jetty, and JBoss.

Visit Terracotta.org to find the free Ehcache 2.1 download.

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