Ehcache 2.2 Release Has Snap-in Terabyte Scale

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Ehcache 2.2 Release Has Snap-in Terabyte Scale

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A few weeks after its beta release, Ehcache 2.2 is GA with a new management console and a new storage option that supports 1TB scale.  These features were received with tremendous enthusiasm by beta testers.  DZone spoke with Terracotta CEO Amit Pandey about the new things that users of the open source software can do now.  

Before Ehcache, Pandey said that distributed caching was found only within the realm of high-end shops.  By putting Terracotta behind a well-understood API in Ehcache, the company was able to give the open source community access to a very powerful platform in Terracotta that abstracted away many of the difficulties associated with distributed computing (lock management, etc.).  For this release, Terracotta's goal has been to build a cache with 100 million objects and 1 Terabyte without needing 100-200 nodes.  Ehcache 2.2 can achieve that with 6-10 nodes depending on your workload.  

Terracotta Architecture

Along with the new storage option to snap in 1TB-level scaling using Ehcache or Hibernate on Terracotta, today's release also features JAAS support, a simplified console, improved multi-datacenter support, and a new common runtime library:

Scale and Performance—New storage option for Ehcache that supports terabyte scale, radically decreases memory usage and increases the addressable cache size tenfold.
Authentication and Authorization—Added Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) support provides LDAP authentication support for tight integration to corporate user management systems.
Visibility and Control—Simplified and improved management console with new and updated control panels for Ehcache, Quartz Scheduler and Web Sessions, for application visibility and control; plus a new consolidated view of cluster-wide events to allow operators to identify problem nodes, as well as diagnose errors and performance problems.
Improved Multi-Data Center Support—Customizable support for cache replication between clusters in disparate geographic areas provides ideal solutions for data availability and disaster recovery across WANs (Wide Area Networks).  It's the highest performing WAN solution that Terracotta has seen.
New Common Runtime Library—Reduces memory usage and network connections and provides new common developer constructs; it also exposes an API that programmers can use alongside the Ehcache API to perform complex inter-process coordination tasks across multiple machines with just a few lines of code.
WebSphere 7 Support for Web Sessions

New Console

To build a cache with 1TB scaling doesn't require much effort with Ehcache 2.2.  The terabyte capability is available out of box and requires two lines of config with no application changes.  Pandey said that most people draw the line at 50-100GB.  Now most of Terracotta's customers would be able to put their entire dataset in the cache.  You could even go beyond a terabyte if you relax the constraints of the objects.

Get your download of Ehcache 2.2 at terracotta.org.  Find out more about this release and Terracotta 3.3 on DZone

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