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Eight Tips for the Windows Live Writer Power Blogger

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Eight Tips for the Windows Live Writer Power Blogger

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Jon Galloway - 8 Windows Live Writer tips

Windows Live Writer really is an amazing application. It does one job really, really well. I've been using it on several blogs including this one (running on Community Server, Herding Code podcast (running on Wordpress). I've also used it to manage content in a variety of ways, including posting content to "hidden" blogs which were really content repositories for consumer facing sites.

Scott Hansleman's post last week (Download Windows Live Writer 2012) reminded me that I've been meaning to post some of my favorite tips I've picked up along the way.

1. Change Editor Font Size with a Simple CSS Edit

2. Sync Your Drafts With SkyDrive

3. Export Your Settings as a Reg File

4. Look Up Your Blog Password Using the WLW API

5. Enable HTML5 Features

6. Use (And Write) Plug-Ins

7. Post Drafts To Your Blog

8. Installers


Some awesome tips from Jon on using our favorite Blogging tool...

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