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EJB 3: Dead Or Alive?

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EJB 3: Dead Or Alive?

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JavaMagazin, one of the biggest German Java-related magazines, started an online survey (known as quickvote) with the question "EJB - Dead Or Alive". The result really surprised me:

Quickvote (freely translated by me, here's the original):

EJB - Dead Or Alive?

I'm using EJB 2x. (8%)


I'm using EJB 3. (58%)



I don't use EJB and "pure" Web-Stack instead (Tomcat & Co.). (12%)



I don't use EJB and the alternative Stacks instead (Spring & Co.). (22%)



Participants: 1375 (at 19.08.2008)

What surprised me is the small percentage of EJB 2.X that seems to be in use. In Germany, there is still a huge number of EJB 2.0 projects around. Most of them will be ported to Java EE 5 next time round.

The second surprise is the level EJB 3 adoption. I'm using EJB 3 in several projects, but the amount of 58% in this context is huge. I actually thought that the aggregated amount of the alternatives would be greater than EJB 3 and 2 together, but the opposite is true.

Hopefully this survey was not sponsored by the "EJB-Mafia" :-). So if you would like to keep your job and learn more about EJB 3 start here in my blog. :-).

From http://www.adam-bien.com

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