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ElectricFlow Releases DevOps Teams from Spreadsheets & Checklists

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ElectricFlow Releases DevOps Teams from Spreadsheets & Checklists

ElectricFlow Release helps organizations speed application releases by streamlining and automating software deliveries into highly organized and well-choreographed release pipelines.

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Recently, Electric Cloud launched a new tool aimed at aiding DevOps teams manage continuous or traditional releases. Called ElectricFlow Release, the tool provides a way to manage your releases and CD pipelines that includes a nifty UI as well as a command line interface for those with hacker inclinations. 

As a way to replace clunky and unintuitive spreadsheets and checklists, ElectricFlow Release helps organizations speed up releases by streamlining and automating deliveries into organized and choreographed pipelines. 

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Anyone practicing continuous delivery knows that traditional release management processes are not designed to handle a frequent and iterative delivery approach. To help mitigate this inefficiency, the tool makes a CD pipeline a repeatable, governed, and standardized process. 

The tool includes some key features that help reduce the likelihood of common delivery mistakes: 

Image titleElectricFlow Release ensures that software isn’t promoted to production until
it has passed quality gates and received required approval. 

Image titleThe UI provides a unified view of all of the applications in a release, and
which versions are in which environments along the release path. 

ElectricFlow Release is available as both a free and fully-functional community edition (download here) as well as a standard enterprise license. 

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