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Elton Stoneman Highlights Hadoop and Hive for .NET Developers

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Elton Stoneman Highlights Hadoop and Hive for .NET Developers

Looking to get into Hive and Hadoop as a .NET developer? Read on to find out one way to get started.

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When it comes to big data, it’s hard not to think immediately of Hadoop. Ask Elton Stoneman, a software architect, Pluralsight author, and Microsoft MVP. He has been connecting systems since 2000, and in recent years he has designed and built big data solutions using a variety of Hadoop-related technologies and a mix of on-premise and cloud deliveries. Stoneman’s latest Pluralsight courses have covered big data in detail on Microsoft's Azure Cloud, which provides managed clusters for Hadoop and supports key parts of the Hadoop ecosystem, including Storm, HBase, and Hive.

His most recent course, Hadoop for .NET Developers, is about big data on the Microsoft stack. After introducing the architecture of Hadoop, he examines different ways of integrating Hadoop with .NET, using a proof-of-concept approach. As he explains running Hadoop on Windows, he also mentions the friendly user interface provided by the Syncfusion Big Data Platform, and how easy it is to get started with it. Throughout the course, viewers will see basic and advanced demonstrations of MapReduce and the extended Hadoop ecosystem, including Hive, HBase, and Spark.

Stoneman’s most recent e-book, Hive Succinctly, also provides a great entry point for .NET developers to an essential big data tool. It showcases how Hive allows you to take data in Hadoop, apply a fixed external schema, and query that the data with a SQL-like language.

If you’re interested in becoming more data-driven, check out Syncfusion’s Big Data Platform, the first and only complete Hadoop distribution designed for Windows. And of course, you can sign up now to watch Stoneman’s Pluralsight course Hadoop for .NET Developers.

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