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Emailer Class (for PHP)

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Emailer Class (for PHP)

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import mx.events.EventDispatcher;
import mx.utils.Delegate;

class Emailer {
	// required for EventDispatcher:
	public var addEventListener:Function;
	public var removeEventListener:Function;
	private var dispatchEvent:Function;
	// use to communicate with php script
	private var _lv:LoadVars;
	// holds address of sender
	private var _sentFrom:String;
	// constructor
	public function Emailer() {    
		_lv = new LoadVars();

	private function dataReceived(dataxfer_ok:Boolean):Void {
		// if some problem with loadVars transfer, pass back error=2
		if (!dataxfer_ok) dispatchEvent({target:this, type:'mailSent', errorFlag:2});
		// otherwise pass back error code returned from script
		else dispatchEvent({target:this, type:'mailSent', errorFlag:Number(_lv["faultCode"])});
	 // Use loadvars object to send data (set to call dataReceived when script returns data)
	public function sendEmail(sub:String, fn:String, fe:String, msg:String, rep:String):Void {
		// if user already sent from this address, show error msg
		if (_sentFrom == fe) dataReceived(false);
		// otherwise set up and send
		else {
			_sentFrom = fe;
			// specify function to handle results, make scope = Emailer
			_lv.onLoad = Delegate.create(this, dataReceived);
			// set up properties of lv to items to be POSTed
			_lv.subject = sub;
			_lv.name = fn;
			_lv.email = fe;
			_lv.message = msg;
			_lv.reply = rep;
			// call script
			_lv.sendAndLoad("sendemail.php", _lv, "POST");

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