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EmbSysRegView 0.2.6 for NXP Kinetis Design Studio V3.2.0

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EmbSysRegView 0.2.6 for NXP Kinetis Design Studio V3.2.0

Kinetis Design Studio, for now, uses an old version of EmbSysRegView. Here is how to update it manually for use in your projects.

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Kinetis Design Studio, by default, uses an older version of EmbSysRegView. This article explains how to upgrade to the latest and greatest version — 0.2.6 — and how it is possible to use the latest NXP update for the 0.2.4 version:

Installed Files in Eclipse

Installed files in Eclipse

First, uninstall any older version (see Uninstalling Eclipse Plugins):

Uninstalling older Plugins

Uninstalling older plugins

Next, install the latest 0.2.6 plugin with the data files as explained in EmbSysRegView 0.2.6 for Eclipse Neon and Oxygen

With this, we have the latest plugin installed. But the data is not the latest, as NXP has released a new set of data that is not part of the SourceForge site:

SVD Files Update for 0.2.4

SVD files update for 0.2.4

Using that update does not work, as it expects the 0.2.4 plugin (which does not make any sense to me?). Anyway, all I want is the data.

I can locally download any Eclipse update site with the approach described in Replicating an Eclipse Update Site for Offline Usage. Otherwise, I have extracted the data and put it on SourceForge — see the links section at the end of the article.

With that approach, I get the com.nxp.svd-embsysregview-0.2.4.sp_root_1.0.0.b170427 file:

KDS Eclipse Update Mirror

KDS Eclipse update mirror

The trick is that the file is actually a .zip file, so change the extension to get its content. Open the ZIP file:

NXP 0.2.4 files

NXP 0.2.4 files

To make the files available to the EmbSysReg viewer, open the EmbSysReg Data file as a ZIP file:



I prefer to have them in a separate folder:

Added 0.2.4 Files

Added 0.2.4 Files

That way, I can pick the files I want in Eclipse:

Installed Files in Eclipse

Installed files in Eclipse

Happy EmbSysRegistering!


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