Emerging "Kits" for Java and .NET Interoperability Scenarios

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Emerging "Kits" for Java and .NET Interoperability Scenarios

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Have you ever tried to integrate BizTalk with non-Windows-based systems so you could use SSH with it?  Its tough, and since many cloud IaaS services are based on Linux (the cheaper ones are) it's one of those architectural conundrums we commonly find ourselves in as developers and architects.

Some interop experts at JNBridge have been helping clients with a variety of scenarios. (Don't know who that is, read my previous article on them)  Today they've announced that they're going to release downloadable kits for these on a continuing basis, and they'll even be taking requests from the Java and .NET communities.  The kits will include code and documentation, plus users will be able to build or enhance them but some assembly is required.

The first one they are releasing is the SSH adapter for BizTalk that was mentioned above.  

Here are some slides about the technical details of this adapter:

Wayne Citrin, the CTO of JNBridge, also told me that for their upcoming lab releases they may cover some interop scenarios with Java and Hadoop or Android and .NET.  Those were just two possibilities he mentioned, and it will all be decided based on community feedback (comment here if you like!)

I also got a chance to ask Wayne about his impressions of Windows 8, which will have some effect on the direction of his product.

They've already successfully tested JNBridge with the desktop mode of the current Windows 8 pre-release, as well as the latest Visual Studio 11 pre-release.

They're waiting to see if customer demand emerges for Windows 8 Metro interoperability scenarios, but right now he thinks his enterprise customer base will stick with the desktop mode.

There's a lot of strange new factors to account for in Metro, such as a inter-sockets based communication, which Citrin thought was a bit troublesome.  Like everyone else, he's curious to see if this new style of desktop interface will really take off.

JNBridge labs are free to download through JNBridge.com but they currently require JNBridgePro licenses for use beyond the trial period.  They plan to introduce about one lab per quarter.


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