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Eminem Could Teach Banks a Few Things

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Eminem Could Teach Banks a Few Things

Do Eminem, DevOps, and banking all fit together? You tell us!

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Never before has Eminem been so relevant to the banking technology sector: “Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment would you capture it, or just let it slip?” Bank customers and partners vote with their use of and public discussion of banking services.  If banking applications do not perform, then end users quickly look for alternatives.  We understand the immense challenges that banks and fintech teams are facing to develop, deliver and disrupt with breakthrough financial service technology as quickly as possible and at as high a quality as possible.  To assist delivery teams to meet these challenges, proven continuous test and automated delivery can be adopted to help deliver quality software into the financial marketplace.  So let’s ask ourselves — what would Eminem do?

Reduce the Complexity

First of all, frequently changing market and regulatory requirements mean changes and new capabilities need to be tested and deployed as quickly as possible and with minimal risk.  A recent survey conducted by ADT found that testing is by far the number one reason for delays when deploying to production (ADT Study Whitepaper: Organizations Increasingly Look to Continuous Deployment to Recover).  Nowhere in banking is this more applicable than in payments.  For many banks the convergence of payment types and increasing regulations are having an impact on profitability. These banks are looking to reduce the complexity and cost of payment services by developing and delivering new flexible and disruptive payment solutions which can be tailored to the unique requirements, technologies and processes of clients.  Consequently, first time quality apps are essential which means banking project teams need to ensure business processes and transactions run as expected and that the solution scales to the expected usage.

Be Fearless

Secondly, larger banks often have complex system landscapes including legacy systems.  In fact there is often an internal climate of fear attached to making a change within a large bank's middleware!  To utilize the complex connections between systems and partners, banks depend on the trusted exchange of data.  Application programming interface (APIs) act as the digital glue that links these bank services, applications and systems. So for this reason, when technology dependencies are required to execute a business process, banking project teams must first test to ensure the required technical environment works as required to support the business flows.

Stop Waiting to Test – “Shift Left”

Thirdly, the underlying technology required to execute banking service apps can be complex with dependencies on other internal systems and/or third parties.  These can be elusive, time consuming or expensive to stand up within a test environment.  So when APIs are not available, teams must be able to test using virtualized APIs and behavior.  Therefore, banking project teams must ensure teams are not waiting around for their systems and environments but can test when needed, not just when possible. When teams can virtualize the things they are waiting for, they can shift testing left often into the application development lifecycle.

Build Trust

Overall, continuous testing brings trust throughout the whole team by providing immediate feedback on the quality of the current version of the solution.  For the business stakeholders, continuous testing increases the confidence that a delivery can be relied upon and that there is minimum risk on business impact.  For a project delivery team, continuous testing minimizes the impact of testing which can reduce project costs, enable faster delivery of the solution and most importantly, ensure that a high quality, reliable solution is delivered.

Remember just four things:

  1. Ensure teams can test when needed, not just when possible.

  2. Ensure the required technical environment works as required to support the business flows.

  3. Ensure business processes and transactions run as expected.

  4. Ensure the solution scales to the expected usage.

Bask in Your Success

Continuous testing enables a project team to execute tests when needed, not when possible and the benefit of a live banking app performing as it is intended are clear.  Continuous testing enables bank projects to deliver products faster, respond quickly to ongoing changes in the market, enjoy higher customer acquisition rates, increase revenues and lower operating costs.  Yo.

Learn more about using service virtualization to shift left and avoid downtime in test environments in our upcoming webcast:  How Maersk Uses Service Virtualization to Shift
Left and Avoid Test Downtime

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