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Emmet LiveStyle Offers Bi-directional Live CSS Editing

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Emmet LiveStyle Offers Bi-directional Live CSS Editing

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Emmet, best known for their plugins for popular text editors like Sublime Text, yesterday officially announced the beta version of their LiveStyle CSS editor.

Other text editors like LiveReload, CodeKit, and Brackets have done live-refreshing CSS editing before, but what makes LiveStyle cool is that it doesn't require local files and, rather than refreshing the entire CSS file rendered in the browser every time a change is made, it actually listens to the editor and browser and maps the changes being made to the source file in real-time.

LiveStyle looks like it will be most appealing to those interested in responsive design, as you can re-size windows, make changes in the inspector, and those changes will be automatically reflected in the source file. You can also live-edit different sites, so you can edit the desktop and mobile versions of your site at the same time.

Right now it only works for Chrome, Safari, and Sublime Text, but more are coming soon. Check out the tech demo here:

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