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Employee absence

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Employee absence

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Employee absence

Simplify the employee absence monitoring process by using this simple iSheets solution. Instead of manually filling in a paper form that will be stored in their employment file, employees can fill in an online form where they can quickly complete their absence record for holiday or sickness and attach all relevant documentation.

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The solution incorporates workflow authorisation, so once the form is submitted it will be automatically elevated to the relevant persons for authorisation.

As employees update their absence records, the information is stored in a handy database which contains information pertaining to all employees. This is filterable by employee which makes it easy to export information relating to particular employees if necessary. Advanced permissioning of iSheet data means that this information is securely viewable by managers or HR departments with the knowledge that individual employees can only ever access and view their own personal records.

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There is also a return to work discussion form built into this solution, which is useful for recording the outcome of return to work meetings for employees who have been absent for extended periods (such as after maternity leave).

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