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Enabling the Expert Level in Processor Expert

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Processor Expert in Eclipse and CodeWarrior is cool thing, and acts as the ‘expert’ for anything around the microcontroller used. But by default, it is acting in the ‘Basic’ level only.

Component Inspector Levels

Component Inspector Levels

But there are ways to get it to the Expert level :-) .

The ‘Basic’, ‘Advanced’ or ‘Expert’ level is used to filter the amount and level of properties shown in the Component Inspector: So the idea is that with Basic only the most important properties are shown, with Advanced you get more, and with Expert you get everything. While this sounds like a good idea (and actually it probably is), I always end up to switch to the Expert level as I always think I need to see ‘the full Monty’ ;-) .

And maybe it is really hard to distinguish what should be in the Basic, Advanced or Expert level?

Basic, Advanced and Expert

To switch the different levels, the Component Inspector View offers 3 buttons:

Basic, Advanced and Expert

Basic, Advanced and Expert


Below is the I2C_LDD component in ‘Basic’ view:

Basic Properties

Basic Properties


Switching to ‘Advanced’ shows more properties:

Advanced Properties

Advanced Properties


And finally with Expert mode I get the full stuff:

Expert Properties

Expert Properties

Fixing the Mode

For myself, I feel the Expert mode is the right thing :-) . For this, I always switch to Expert mode in the Inspector View. The only problem: Processor Expert does not remember my settings: When I load the workspace again, its defaulting again back to Basic :-( .

:?: It might be debatable if this setting reversal is a bug or not?

But there is a trick to fix the mode :-) . There is a setting in the menu Window > Preferences > Processor Expert > General:

Processor Expert General Settings

Processor Expert General Settings

:?: Now I would expect that ‘Apply’ would change the Inspector View settings? Nope. The setting is used at the time opening a workspace. Not a big deal, but worth to mention.

Happy Experting :-)

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