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The End of Cloud 1.0 is Near

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The End of Cloud 1.0 is Near

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Google started a cloud price war and AWS and Azure are responding. The result will be the end of cloud 1.0 and the beginning of 2.0.

What is cloud 1.0?
Cloud 1.0 is all about giving customers the basics like storage, compute, api provisioning, load balancing, autoscaling, software defined networking, etc.

AWS is the undisputed winner of cloud 1.0 by haven taken the majority of the market. However prices are about to drop substantially. This will mean that compute and storage will become commodity.

Now what will Cloud 2.0 bring. It depends on who you ask. Here are some of the answers:

AWS Cloud 2.0
We are the cloud standard. You should come to us because we have abstracted every possible low-level service behind an easy to consume API. You don’t have to worry about a thing…

Google Cloud 2.0
Amazon is build on old school technology. We invented Cloud, just come to us and you will get superior technology and lightning speed. If you don’t want to pay but are willing to let us peep inside your VM then we are even willing to give cloud for free. Remember Google is good…

Azure Cloud 2.0
We are the easiest cloud to work with. If you have a Windows data centre then you can have a Windows cloud data centre in minutes.

Mom & Pops Cloud 2.0
We were cheaper than Amazon before but no longer. We are less innovative. Cash flow problem……..tut….tut…tut…crack

CTO Cloud 2.0
It is clear that having my own data centre is not a good business. Unless I need a private cloud for legal reasons, why not start using the public cloud. But which one and how can I move from one to another.

My Cloud 2.0
People need solutions that allow switching between different public and private clouds and find a common solution that is easy to use and very price competitive, ideally free.

If you want to see my Cloud 2.0 become reality and have used too many priority Cloud services, you want to take a look at what we are doing at Juju.ubuntu.com

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