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Enhancing Developer Productivity with Server-Side JavaScript Runtimes

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Enhancing Developer Productivity with Server-Side JavaScript Runtimes

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Server-side JavaScript (SSJS) enhances developer productivity and accelerates common web application development tasks. For example, unmarshalling JSON formatted web requests into JavaScript objects and marshalling server-side JavaScript objects into JSON web responses are trivial tasks.  Dynamic typing and Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation decreases development iteration time and increases productivity.  A thriving ecosystem creates useful frameworks, which can be re-purposed across client and server tiers. However, without SSJS framework standards, the platform environment creates project startup delays and assembly required hurdles.

In most JavaScript development shops, lead developers will hand pick multiple JS framework scripts to craft a complete application platform.  As many framework scripts are new, haven’t yet reached critical adoption mass, or lack professional open source support, choosing a framework is fraught with risk.

The Java development community solved the ‘assembly required’ risks and hurdle by creating Java EE specifications and profiles, contributing code into open source foundations (e.g. Apache, Eclipse), and gaining professional vendor support.  A strategy where server-side JavaScript is integrated with Java platform host object provides the best of both environments; Java Virtual Machine (JVM) stability, JavaScript productivity, and Java developer skill continuity.

WSO2 has extended their WSO2 Carbon Application Server to host server-side JavaScript.  WSO2’s open source server-side JavaScript server is called Jaggery.  The programming experience will be familiar to JavaScript developers, and useful host objects are provided to facilitate database access, XML parsing, JSON conversion, accessing standard web application objects (i.e. request, response, and session), messaging, and accessing registry information.

What Java packages and JavaScript framework scripts should WSO2 bundle into Jaggery? Check out Jaggery, and share your enhancement ideas by posting a request at https://wso2.org/jira/browse/JAGGERY

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