Enterprise Internet of Things Stack and Architecture [Infographic]

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Enterprise Internet of Things Stack and Architecture [Infographic]

If you're trying to bring connectedness to the enterprise, it's good to have an overview of what your stack needs.

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Here is an end to end view of how to build connected products using an enterprise IoT stack. The enterprise IoT stack provides a core set of capabilities, platform, services and architecture patterns to build end to end connected products.


The following table summarizes the offerings from commercial players and open source alternatives.

 Comparison of IoT Platform Stack

Platforms -> Microsoft IBM Amazon Open Source Predix

Device SDK Azure IoT Device SDK,ConnectTheDots.io
IBM Watson IoT Platform Client Library,Watson IoT Platform Device recipes,Paho Library
Device SDK for AWS IoT Paho Library, Cyclon.js, and many other options Predix Machine
Protocol Supported HTTP,AMQPMQTT
Core platform – IoT Messaging platform IoT Hub,Event Hubs IBM Watson IoT Platform AWS IoT Protocol Bridge,Apache Kafka RabbitMQ
Core platform – Database option DocumentDB,Storage (high-performance tables, blobs),Microsoft SQL
MongoDB, Cloudant NoSQL, ObjectStorage, Informix Time Series data, etc. Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift Cassandra (or alternatives like MongoDB) Asset Data,Time Series,Redis,
Analytics platform – Real-time Streaming Microsoft Stream Analytics IoT Real-Time Insights,IBM Streaming Analytics Amazon Kinesis Apache Spark Streaming Analytics Runtime
Analytics platform – Machine Learning Azure ML Predictive Analytics service (on Bluemix) + SPP Modeler (offline) Amazon Machine Learning Apache Spark MLlib Custom Analytics Support(Python,Java,
Alerts and Event handling Notification Hubs, Power BI Embeddable Reporting, IBM Push Notifications AWS Lambda,Amazon QuickSight, Amazon Simple Notification Service
Custom, Zeppelin (Dashboards), etc. Mobile SDK,Dashboard Seed

For more details on the how to realize the architecture with various use cases, kindly refer to my book — “Enterprise IoT.”

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