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Enterprise Mobile App Development and the Probable Challenges

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Enterprise Mobile App Development and the Probable Challenges

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The procedure that mobile app developers take up to write down the software for devices, like smartphones, and tablets are what mobile app development is all about. The need of developing mobile apps for enterprises has emerged because of the consistent growth in the use of mobile devices, and at the same time, the creation of mobile apps has let users’ access internet through mobiles.

This has also revolutionized the interaction of the business with the users. Also, it is important for enterprises to innovate rapidly and remain in the competition, and hence there must be a comprehensive mobile app development platform for all small, medium and large enterprises.

The growth of Mobility in business

There are certainly few reasons behind the importance of mobile app development for the business. The customers of today are adept in using mobile phones, tablets, and various other mobile devices to get whatever information they require. They are on the move, and the mobile application platforms are helping them to get there. That is the reason of mobile apps becoming highly popular in the markets in the present times.

The mobile apps allow the customers to have all the information at their fingertips. Apart from this an appropriate mobile app platform is also required, however, in the starting you should focus only on one platform.

The benefits of having an App for Enterprises

Some of the biggest benefits that a mobile app can offer your business are:

  • Visibility enhancement
  • Increase in accessibility
  • Brand loyalty
  • Reinforcing brands
  • Direct connection with consumers
  • Increase exposure in the market

Not only the business will be earning benefits from this, but the customers will also be profitable. They can:

  • Get directions to the sellers location
  • Have one touch access to your contact information
  • Easy access to your stock
  • Get notifications of special launches and deals

It might be clear to you by now that the future of your business depends on how much you can invade inside the mobile phones of the customer. There is a need to go mobile for a persistent growth.

Why a Mobile App Development platform is essential?

  • Enhance direct customer engagement and revolutionize your business

The boost in transaction volume from content downloads to updating status has grown because of the enhancement in the mobile technology. The organization needs to manage this increase through mobile-first approach so that they can serve their customers in a better way.

For instance, a bank with a good enterprise app platform having amazing graphics and supporting features, like push messages can engage the customers for a long time as compared to other enterprise app platform. Such apps are also beneficial for the customers as they provide them ease and convenience in working along with a wonderful banking experience. The sites having mobile-centric design collect more data from the users and get more feedback, and in return they get more personalized and convenient services.

  • Flexibility in designing is important to adopt speedily emerging mobile landscape.

To keep with the market demands and handle the pressure of frequent updates and releases, the organizations must have a mobile development platform that is flexible enough so that it can be changed whenever the business requires. The highly fragmented set of platforms and mobile devices also demands to have a flexible development platform that incorporates complete support for native, web and hybrid apps.

  • New business opportunities emerged by The Internet of Things and big data

The Internet of Things is growing exceptionally being fueled with internet enabled devices and flood of data traffic from mobiles. The organizations are facing a boost in storage of the data and its analysis. The use and accumulation of these large data contain the ability of transforming the business services and models completely. Many organizations have acquired the policy of data analytics to grab this opportunity. 

Challenges Attached With Enterprise Mobile App Development

Some challenges that are associated with the mobile app development are:

Security of an application

The most common and major challenge is the security of the app. Creating an accessible solution for the developers along with the security that restricts the ways of device manipulation is a challenging task. According to experts, developers, sometimes, push out the applications fast without giving them enough testing time, and hence there remains no security when the site goes live.

Continuous testing and automation

Continuous automation and testing is also a big challenge that any developer can face. Even after the app is developed, the test engineers are required to test the app continually to ensure its functionality on diverse-sized mobile devices. It becomes challenging for the developers when users become accustomed to receiving regular enhancement and updates to their mobile devices. For this reason, some of the companies have turned to being agile to keep up with the changes and achieve faster time.

Assisting the combination of multiple browsers and devices

Many experts believe that bringing enterprise web application to mobile is also a technical challenge. It is somewhat difficult to handle the combination of multiple devices and browser. The changing technology has also made it confusing to understand that which thing will go obsolete in six months, and which investment will prove to be fruitful. The enhancement in providing the services directly to the customers has also made the enterprises maintain the mobile apps properly, but there are many people who still browse the applications via laptops and computers, so they also cannot be ignored. The businesses will have to cater to their needs as well.

Choosing Between HTML5 vs. Native
Choosing between two best technologies to create an app is also a kind of challenge for the developers. The two main approaches in creating a mobile app are HTML 5 or hybrid and native. Both come with advantages and disadvantages. If your app is focusing only on iOS and you have the time, budget and skills, the app can be built as the native application. This is, however, a rare situation due to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies. The wide use of HTML 5 has also helped it being popular now gaining a superb momentum. Hence, as far as enterprise apps are concerned, the benefits of HTML 5 overshadow the advantages of the native development.

In order to survive in the competitive market of today, the organizations must embrace these challenges and opportunities. They must include the mobile-first approach into their business to cater to a large number of audiences along with providing them an awesome mobile experience. This is possible with the presence of comprehensive app development platform, a skilled team of mobile app developers, which is manageable, secure, and flexible.


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