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Don't Make Me Code — Ep. #4, Affordances for Developers

Here's an interesting podcast to listen to while you clean out your inbox. Hear David and Steve discuss affordances with Dustin Larimer of Keen IO.

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Welcome to Don't Make Me Code, a podcast that discusses developer experience design and the unique challenges you face when building developer-facing products. Don't Make Me Code is hosted by Steve Boak, co-founder and CPO at Opsee, and David Dollar, co-founder and CEO at Convox.

In this episode, David and Steve are joined by Dustin Larimer from Keen IO. They discuss affordances—the visual cues or attributes of a thing that inform you about how it works—for developers.

You can follow the show on twitter @dontmakemecode and email Stephen and David atdmmc@heavybit.com to suggest a topic or guest for the show. You can also subscribe to all of our shows by copying this link into your favorite podcast app. Stay tuned for show-specific feeds!

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