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Epic Management Improvements in ScrumWorks 4.1

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More improvements in large-scale agile software development are emerging today as Danube Technologies has released the 4.1 version of ScrumWorks Pro, the only software tool designed specifically to manage Scrum.  The program's new features for implementing Scrum, an iterative incremental framework for managing complex work, provide broader prioritization and integration capabilities.

What's new:
  • Manage and prioritize multiple Epics.  Epics are large Scrum user stories with unknown requirements or effort estimates, which often span multiple products.  
  • Establish resource guidelines for budgets, set milestones for each release, set parameters around resource usage, and set automated alerts for pre-determined thresholds.  Epics have been historically difficult to estimate so the budgeting features monitor the effort that goes into an Epic and limits the amount of work budgeted for a particular milestone.
  • Enhanced API for Epics, programs, themes and other user-requested enhancements.
  • Includes the latest integrations for JIRA 4.0 and Bugzilla 3.4.2.

ScrumWorks 4.1

The scope of Scrum's application has grown over the program's history.  In its early years, the program was used mainly for small development teams but has now been implemented as a large-scale framework for sizable workgroups.  

In a video interview with DZone's Nitin Bharti, Michael James had this to say about Scrum's appeal:

"Companies are interested in Scrum -- they're [also] tired of suffering. They're tired of having no idea where they are at the moment. They're tired of missing deadlines. They're tired of poor quality. Their customers are tired of it also, and traditional approaches to managing have only worked up to a point, and their competitors are figuring out better ways of managing their projects. These are typical complaints that will motivate people to be interested in Scrum or an Agile approach."

Here is a short illustrated guide to Scrum.

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