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Epictetus 0.3.1 beta: Database Desktop Manager

Epictetus is a free cross platform database tool based on the NetBeans Platform. The new release works with Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Firebird, HsqlDB, H2.

 Release Notes:

  • H2 Support
  • Custom Monitor (to get statistics from periodic queries)
  • Default schema in connection properties
  • Create sequence and view interface for Oracle, HsqlDB, H2
  • Procedure source for Oracle and MSSQL
  • Trigger object list and source preview for Oracle, MSSQL, HsqlDB, H2
  • View source for Oracle, MSSQL, HsqlDB, H2
  • Bugfix: Setting "Row Limit" for connection properties didn't worked
  • Bugfix: MySQL object browser ignored loading data in some cases
  • Many other bugfixes

Java 6.0




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