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Upcoming Eppleton NetBeans Platform Trainings

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Upcoming Eppleton NetBeans Platform Trainings

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New Training Dates for 2012 in Munich with Dream Team Member Anton Epple

Eppleton IT Consulting is happy to announce new training dates for our "NetBeans Platform Certified Training Courses" with NetBeans Dream Team Member Toni Epple:

18. - 19. January 2012

21. - 22. May 2012

2. - 3.July 2012 

19. - 20. September 2012

About this Course:

The NetBeans Platform is a mature open sourced Swing framework for building general rich client applications. The platform is a "generic application", that is, a runtime which can be used to develop desktop applications. NetBeans IDE is one example of this type of application, but there are many others.

This course covers developing on the NetBeans Platform from the ground-up. It covers two days in total. On the first day, we start with non-GUI applications: simply making use of the module system, which is the core runtime of the NetBeans Platform. Next, we cover the basic development patterns and commonly used APIs. The second day is dedicated to a tour of the reusable existing functionality built on the NetBeans Platform, descriptions of how to empower it further, and examples of real software applications consisting of multiple, decoupled modules.

 Registration and more information about this course:


About Eppleton:

Eppleton IT Consulting is a privately held company in Munich, Germany. Eppleton brings the world's leading technology experts together with the people who work with the technology. Our trainers and consultants are enthusiastic specialists, who do not stubbornly work through syllabi, but answer questions with code.

We offer knowledge from developers for developers.

About Toni Epple:

Anton has more than 10 years experience leading Java projects and has published many articles on the topic. He is a consultant worldwide for a wide variety of companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, in many areas, including finance institutions and aerospace. In his spare time, Anton is community leader for the JavaTools Community at Java.net and a member of the NetBeans Dream Team.


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