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Esper Release 4.11.0 - Complex Event Processing (CEP) matures

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Esper Release 4.11.0 - Complex Event Processing (CEP) matures

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The Esper team is proud to announce release 4.11.0 of Esper.

Esper provides complex event processing (CEP), analyzing event series as events occur or based on recorded data. Please visit at Esper project, for both Java and C#.

With release 4.11.0 we have reached 36 releases since version 1.0 in year 2006.

There are two value propositions that are pretty unique to complex event processing and Esper:

First, the ability to detect complex relationships between event data without having to write much code. This is because CEP and Esper provides a language (EPL) tailored towards event analysis.

Second, the ability to analyze events and get informed of a complex relationship right then and there when the event occurs or is fed into the engine as a data point. There is no batch processing, storing data to disk or waiting. In CEP and Esper the analysis is push-based and driven by events themselves. 

Release 4.11.0 also introduces an EPL debugger and detailed memory-use reporting for state collected for during analysis. 


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