Even More Videos From Hadoop Summit 2016 San Jose

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Even More Videos From Hadoop Summit 2016 San Jose

Here is another list of Hadoop Summit 2016 San Jose videos!

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Surely Tim, after that list of 50 Hadoop Summit videos, there couldn't be anymore. There are and a lot of gems in there, especially depending on what your interests are. Lots of operations and real-world production scenarios. These are definitely worth a watch. Find out for yourself:

  1. GoodFit An Efficient MRP Multi-Resource Packing Allocator for YARN (Microsoft)
  2. Swimming Across the Data Lake Lessons Learned and Keys to Success (Impetus)
  3. General Session Day 3
  4. Instrument Your Instruments Data Driven Ops 
  5. The Path to Wellness Through Big Data (phemi)
  6. Intuit Analytics Cloud 101 
  7. Hybrid Data Platform Cloud Environment Connected with On-premise Data Environment (Impetus)
  8. Big Data Heterogenous Machine Learning (Slides)
  9. ACID Transactions in Hive (Hortonworks) (Slides)
  10. Building and Managing Large Scale Data Pipelines with Complex Dependencies Using Apache Oozie (Slides)
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