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The nomination deadline for the Eclipse Community Awards is January 30. These awards are to recognize the work of all the great people in the Eclipse community. One unfortunate aspect is that only a few individuals are recognized as winners. This is really too bad since a lot of people deserve the recognition for their work.

A number of awesome people have already been nominated; some of my favorites include these two contributor nominations. However, I know there are lots of other people that still deserve to be nominated. Each project should consider nominating individuals in their community for top contributor and committer. Take this opportunity to say thank you to a community member who writes really good bug reports or a committer that does a great job answering newsgroup questions. It won’t take much time but the recognition will be appreciated by all.


For our part, the Foundation will send each nominee an Eclipse shirt as a thank you for their hard work. It is our way to ensure everyone is a winner. Nominate your Top Contributor, Top Committer and Top Ambassador today.

The small print: Each nomination has to include an explanation of how the nominee has helped the community and to state the obvious you can’t nominated yourself.

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