Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Modeling (But Were Afraid To Ask)

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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Modeling (But Were Afraid To Ask)

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  1. Does Model Driven Software Development actually work?
  2. Are some developers more productive than others?
  3. What happens during code generation?
  4. Do diagrams and text go together well?
  5. What happens during model transformation?
  6. What are DSLs? And can I create them with Eclipse?
  7. Does modeling scale in the enterprise?

You guessed it, these are not the questions from a well-know Woody Allen movie, but questions that will be answered at the Eclipse Modeling Days which will be held in New York and Toronto in November.

So if you are wondering why everybody in Europe is so thrilled about Modeling, attend to one of these events - you'll get the answers there.

For your convenience, here is a list of some of the talks:

  • Case Study: Model Transformations - Richard Woods, Credit Suisse
  • Building DSLs with Xtext - Heiko Behrens, itemis
  • Modeling on an enterprise scale - Eike Stepper, Eclipse Modeling Project
  • Query, Transaction and Validation - Bernd Kolb & Boris Gruschko, both SAP
  • Agent-Based Computer Simulation for Operational Risk Analysis - Ed MacKerrow, Los Alamos Labs
  • Papyrus: Advent of an Open Source IME - Kenn Hussey, Zeligsoft
  • B3: A Model for Unbreakable Builds
  • There's a Modeling Solution for That - Bruce Trask, MDE Systems & Angel Roman, MDE Systems

If you ask me, this is a pretty decent line-up, both content-wise and people-wise. Not being one of the big conferences, the Modeling Days will actually give you the chance to talk to the experts and other end-users. Remember, networking is key.

So go ahead and register by adding your name to this wiki page. Registration is free, but you need to register in order to help the organizers to plan the catering. If you don't have an account for editing the wiki page or don't want to create one, just send mail to eclipse_modeling_nyc@eclipse.org or eclipse_modeling_toronto@eclipse.org

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