Everything You Need to Know About the OpenDaylight Project

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Everything You Need to Know About the OpenDaylight Project

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If you're involved with network engineering or management, you'll want to be familiar with the OpenDaylight Project, which was introduced earlier this year.  The OpenDaylight Project is a coalition of IT vendors that plans to collaborate on the creation of an common open source software-defined networking framework.  It will be administered by the Linux Foundation.

Here are the current members:

Platinum Members
Gold Members
Silver Members

There is no official release but some source code has already been contributed on the OpenDaylight website.

There are several expected advantages of the OpenDaylight Project including prevention of fragmentation, faster arrivals for polished, turnkey SDN products and lessened fears from customers who need get large SDN implementations right the first time.

Some of the worries about OpenDaylight include stifled innovation by incumbent vendors, startups being crushed and land grabs by some of the members.

Time will tell whether OpenDaylight can match the success of other similar coalitions, like OpenStack.


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