Evolve - a powerful, UML-based alternative to dependency injection

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Evolve - a powerful, UML-based alternative to dependency injection

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Evolve is a revolutionary new UML-based tool for creating, wiring up and executing components. It currently supports Java.

It has just gone into public beta, and we invite you to try it out.


Have a look at the screenshots at:


Evolve is a more powerful and principled alternative to dependency injection. At its heart is a far richer component model than other approaches.

Evolve features the following:

  • A UML-based graphical editor for components.
  • A powerful component model with full connectors. This avoids the wiring limitations of DI.
  • The architecture is always explicit as UML diagrams, which are kept automatically synchronized with the code.
    (No more large XML files, or annotations smattered throughout the code)
  • Evolution support is built-in. Systems created with Evolve have the remarkable feature of being always extensible.
  • Open source runtime

Evolve comes from the commercialization of cutting-edge academic research into components and highly extensible systems at Imperial College, London. Try it out, and let us know what you think.





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