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Excellent games for training employees

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Excellent games for training employees

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Energizers or ice breaker games are activities that heighten the participants’ interest and participation to the training session. As long as these games are targeted to the training topic and the needs of participants, these activities are likely to have a greater meaning to individuals. In addition, these games serve as a great way to being meetings and promote interpersonal communication and collaboration among participants.

Ways to Develop Effective Ice Breaker Games

It is quite simple to design ice breaker games that will motivate participants and encourage them to warm up the atmosphere in a training class. By implementing these activities, you can reinforce the topic and make sure that your participants are enjoying the experience of being a part of the training program.

When developing a quick and short ice breaker game, keep in mind that it is only intended to warm up or pique the curiosity of the group. You can also choose a good ice breaker that is aligned with your goals for the training session, so it is easy to connect the activity with the content or topic you have in store for themץ 

If you wish to develop a good ice breaker game that can teach your team important lessons, make sure you first determine the amount of time allotted for these games, which must be relative to the training sessions actual length. In a training class with adult participants, facilitators are expected to talk and present their topic about 60 to 70 percent of the time. Hence, the ice breaker game should only take up 30 to 40 percent of the entire time spent during training.

Begin by determining the interests and characteristics of your participants who will be joining and performing the ice breaker game. Keep in mind that large and diverse groups have different preferences. So, make sure your games will be suitable for all your participants.

Identify the goal or purpose of your ice breaker games. Are you planning to merely warm up the group and offer them an opportunity to get to know each other, or do you plan to connect the activity to the training content? It all depends on how you want your activities to work for the enhancement of your training program. This way, you can create an effective set of games that will suit your participants’ needs. 

Bottom Line

Aside from taking into consideration the time and types of activities you want them to perform, you should consider your purpose for making them participate in these ice breaker games. This way, you can attain your goals for the training session while giving your participants a chance to enjoy themselves.


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