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Excelsior JET 9 Enables AOT Compilation of Java SE 7 Apps, Adds Support for Linux/x64

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Excelsior JET 9 Enables AOT Compilation of Java SE 7 Apps, Adds Support for Linux/x64

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For the uninitiated, Excelsior JET is a complete Java SE technology implementation enhanced with an Ahead-Of-Time native code compiler and deployment toolkit. It has passed the official compatibility tests (JCK) and is certified Java Compatible on a number of Windows and Linux platforms. The primary benefits of AOT compilation are the protection against reverse engineering and improved end user experience.

Excelsior JET 9, released right before the New Year 2014, adds the long-awaited support for Java SE 7 (Yes, we were that behind of Oracle, but we are catching up. If you are not, we still have the previous version with Java SE 6 support available.)

Also new in this version is support for the Linux/x64 platform, so now you can compile your Java classes down to native 64-bit executables for both Windows and Linux.

In other news, we have improved the ergonomics of the new 64-bit compiler in terms of its speed and especially memory requirements. Application performance on Windows/x64 is also better in comparison to the previous version. If you trust vendor benchmarks to any extent, our figures are as follows:

  • 1.2x improvement of SPECjvm2008 composite score
  • 1.6x to 2x higher performance of selected tests from the DaCapo benchmark suite

You can download a fully functional 90-day Excelsior JET Evaluation Package (no registration required). As far as pricing is concerned, we offer discounts to early-stage startups and other very small businesses, as well as free licenses for non-commercial use.


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