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The Exciting Fluent 2013

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The Exciting Fluent 2013

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Today is the final day of Fluent 2013, another conference focusing on JavaScript. There were tons of fascinating talks, everything from ECMAScript 6 to Web Components, organized in several parallel tracks. Overall, the event was very exciting.

The talks from the plenary sessions are already available on YouTube. For other sessions, you’ll need to purchase the All-Access Pass. Meanwhile, many slide decks have been posted to sites like SlideShare and Speaker Deck. Of course, attending the talks was not everything, I had some fun meeting and catching up with old friends as well making new acquaintances.

I did a presentation on Improving JavaScript Code Quality to a crowded audience. If you follow this blog, what I have shown there is likely familiar to you. I did cover topics like syntax validation,
polluting/unused variablescode coveragecomplexity analysis and visualizationBoolean traps,ternary conditionalsscalability issue, programmatic rename refactoring, as well as variousdefensive strategies like coverage thresholdscomplexity monitoringGit precommit hook, and many others. If you missed it, you can enjoy the slide deck (PDF, 6.8 MB).

Learn about the importance of automated testing as part of a healthy DevOps practice, brought to you in partnership with Sauce Labs.


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