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Executive Engagement, Debunking Social Business Myths, and Getting Community Mojo

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Executive Engagement, Debunking Social Business Myths, and Getting Community Mojo

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Following my last blog post and continuing the JiveWorld365 blog series - I wanted to highlight three of the sessions from JiveWorld13 that covered some foundational Enterprise Collaboration points. Keeping the topics fresh from last week, this post will focus on marketing, strategy, and community_management. They are arranged below in a flow that I think is most impactful for someone embarking on their Social Business journey.

Executive Engagement

In this session, Benjamin Taub and Nikki Bussard talk about one of the most essential points in getting any change implemented in an organization: Executive Engagement. Getting executives engaged in any change that can impact employees or customers and how they communicate and collaborate is essential. Projects implementing social business and other collaboration software impact everyone, and having leadership from the executive team is essential. Without executive sponsorship, leadership and engagement, big projects, or projects looking to ascend to the next level of scale, run the risk of failure.

Debunking Social Business Myths

Aaron Kim and Martin Teasdale cover one of the most foundational pieces of Jive and Social Business in this JiveWorld13 talk debunking social business myths. In organizations still unfamiliar with Enterprise Collaboration in the form of Social Business, many are wary of the potential or perceived risks associated. Listen to the veterans of the Social Business space and mythbust your fears away.

Getting Community Mojo

Here, Todd Forsythe from EMC completes the foundational puzzle in this essential talk - How do you get, maintain, and increase Community Mojo? What are the pieces and actions required to build a rich, high activity, growing community? What makes people come back? Even with the other functions complete, no community is successful without mojo.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these talks, as well as any critiques on this post and my last. Please share!


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