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exit code 13 in eclipse

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exit code 13 in eclipse

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if you have encountered exit code 13 in your eclipse (you might have upgraded your java version / 32 bit to 64 bit ) 

there are lot of references in net, to make it simple I have added the snippet here.. 

1. Assert you are having the javaw.exe in your java installation folder (jre/bin/javaw.exe)

2. Open your eclipse.ini in your favorite text editor ( xx/eclipse/eclipse.ini)

3.Find the line contains -vmargs

4. Add the following lines (refer the snippet) before the -vmargs line


4. And in -vmargs make sure you are giving the right version of java that you have just updated  (refer the snippet)


5. Save it and That's about it, you would be able to run your eclipse again..

Happy Coding


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